Gnomies, Gnomies... Everywhere!!

Gnomies, Gnomies... Everywhere!!

Ever wake up and think ... Gnope? Welcome to the Gnomie Gnope Club, were Gno means Gno. We are celebrating February with a little retreat into the cozy and far far away from the drama of the world. Gnomes are good at hiding under little shrubs and finding the coziest clothes for them to snuggle into. 

If you are feeling a little blue this winter season, just know that the winter time is the time that seeds rely on to sprout. They use the moisture and the freezing temperatures to expand from the hard shell so they can sprout come spring. It also lets plants have a chance to grow roots and become established before summer comes and roasts them with the hot sun!

Maybe this winter is a chance for you to absorb a little moisture. To let you roots grow. You may not see what is going on under the surface but things are stirring underground, I promise! Take a moment to just sit and be comfy and hang on to your cozy blankets for a little while. Maybe you need a mushroom hat to hide under. Whatever your needs, make sure you honor your space and find the space you need to rest so you are ready to sprout in the future!

Every season is important, even the gloomy ones. But please, if the gloom becomes overwhelming, reach out and say hello. We are always willing to say hi, and help you find a little love and comfort in any season.

Hugs to you on this chilly February day!

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